The open space and 39 North greenway alignment, which comprises the 39N Greenway, is a cohesive vision for the landscapes in 39 North that redefine the way people travel, gather, and interact within the district.  As part of the public engagement for both the master plan and greenway, residents, current employees and visitors to the district almost unanimously requested improved connectivity for people, bikes, and cars.  The high-priority projects that have been identified in the 39N master plan all address the connectivity challenge.

Connectivity between the office, retail and commercial areas of the 39N district is almost non-existent.  Access by vehicle between areas is not intuitive and is inconvenient.  In many instances, access is impossible on foot or by bicycle between major anchors such as the retail area to the west and the Danforth Center, Bayer, BRDG Park, and the Helix Center to the east.  Access to regional assets including the Jewish Community Center, Warson and Stacy Parks, and residential neighborhoods in Creve Coeur and Olivette is also challenging.

To address bike/ped connectivity issues within 39N, an open space and greenway plan was developed after the master plan was completed to create alignments that would connect the various activity centers in the district.  The 39N Greenway, as it has come to be called, recommends building on the existing and proposed bike and ped systems, such as the Centennial Greenway, as well as creating new greenways that connect within the district.

The master plan measures and projects the future sustainability of the open space and greenway infrastructure once it is built.  The goals of the open space plan are to create 11 miles of new walkable and bikeable greenway paths throughout the district, plant 13+ acres of tree canopy throughout the district, and create 1.5 million gross square feet of readapted office space.

The 39N Greenways plan is available for public review.

The Creve Coeur Planning and Zoning Commission has approved the plan for adoption as a component of the comprehensive plan and in support of the continued development of the 39N District in the same manner as the 39N Master Plan and the Old Olive Great Street Plan.  The public hearing before the Planning and Zoning Commission took place on Tuesday, January 21, 2020 at 6:30 PM.