The Old Olive Street Road redesign is a key priority of the 39 North Master Plan that calls for new transportation networks woven into the existing framework of the business park and institutional campuses. The Old Olive corridor will be a destination – one that considers commuters and employees as well as residents who will enjoy and benefit from the new streetscape experience.

Today, Old Olive primarily functions as an offramp for Lindbergh Blvd. and does not cross Lindbergh. The two halves of 39 North are awkwardly bisected by this limited access State highway. The Old Olive Street redesign is completed. Creve Coeur will be taking over operations of Old Olive Street and leading the efforts to transform a vehicle-dominated commercial corridor into a bikable/walkable main street that serves as a central commercial hub of the innovation district and contributes to the economic and physical health of the community.

The first phase includes the reconstruction of the Old Olive and Lindbergh intersection to add left turn lanes, new signals, lighting, landscaping, and a shared-use path crossing. This phase of the project is expected to cost $2.4 million. Subsequent phases would include work on the east and west sides of Old Olive to complete road construction and add shared-use paths, medians, branding elements, a stormwater park and a greenway trailhead.

Design Elements:

  • Old Olive will function as a two-lane road
  • A multi-use path is located on the south side
  • Pedestrian sidewalk is located on the north side
  • Green space on the south side is a lighting and landscape corridor
  • Section converts to accommodate on-street parking in desirable areas


The East-West Gateway presented their recommendations to the Transportation Planning Committee resulting in this project being recommended for funding.

Total federal money = $1.16M

Preliminary Engineering money FY 2022 (Oct. 2021) and Construction in FY 2023